“I feel like I can just settle”

Working alongside people across southeastern New Brunswick in need of decent, affordable housing, Habitat for Humanity Moncton has helped one family in Hillsborough find a home in 2020, while another family was able to pay off their mortgage after partnering with Habitat Moncton back in 2002.

Ashley and her two young daughters were living in unsuitable conditions when they applied to partner with Habitat Moncton for a rehabbed home in Hillsborough.

“The home wasn’t even finished,” said Ashley when explaining their previous living situation. “We were walking on plywood floors, light fixtures weren’t done, and we were out on a dirt road in isolation.”

But after partnering with Habitat Moncton, Ashley and her family now have a good home to grow in.

“This is where we’re going to live. This is where my kids are gonna grow up, where we’re gonna have family barbecues, and sleepovers. They’ll graduate from here and leave from here. For the first time in a really long time, I feel like I can just settle.”


We are currently being helped by Habitat for Humanity! We are working on our 500 sweat equity hours while building our home right now! Awesome program!

Amanda R.

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful place to buy inexpensive materials for home projects. We have bought several things for our home from here. It’s perfect for folks on a budget. They have so many things from doors to canned lighting to vanities and fixtures!

Cindy M.

This organization actually helped a relative with her first home, 10+ years later she still loves her home and is there. I have also donated furniture and clothes to them and I see them all the time helping and engaging with the local community!

Maricela F.

I really respect this program and think it’s a great opportunity for people who could use a hand up. I like that they use sweet equity so the families can be vested in their own future and take pride in what they’re doing. And all the wonderful skilled people volunteering their time really deserve kudos!

Crystal M.