Stability and happiness brought on by Habitat

Originally from Northern New Brunswick, Cindy moved to the southeast region after completing her college education. Following her separation, she found a basement apartment in Bouctouche located close to her workplace at Ste. Anne’s Hospital.

From the first winter in the flat, Cindy and her daughter Jasmyne, then 7 years old, quickly noticed that the house was cold because air was coming in through the door and windows and the walls seemed to have little insulation. Located across the water in an isolated area, the winds were strong and they had to adapt to the uncomfortable cold inside. The owners lived in another province and when the top of the house was rented it was very noisy because of the lack of insulation in the floors and walls.

Little Jasmyne was nervous and uncomfortable and Cindy would have liked to have a house to better meet the needs of her daughter and herself. She thought she would never be able to make this dream come true because she was in a difficult financial situation due to the high cost of her rent and unexpected expenses at work. Her job required her to take courses in order to secure her position. These courses, exams, and travelling out of province to write exams were very expensive and added stress to her daily life for a few years. That said, being able to save money for the down payment on a house was impossible.

Finally, a friend told her about a Habitat home available in her community and she registered online. Cindy explains that she was pleasantly surprised that her application was approved and that the steps were not complicated. The representative was always available to answer any questions she had.

In early winter, Cindy was given the keys to her house to start her volunteer hours. She pointed out that the house in her case had been empty for a few years and that she needed paint and a little love.

Cindy takes pleasure and pride in showing before and after pictures of the interior of the house. She had help from family and friends to clean and paint. Cindy is a creative person who knows how to add detail to beautify her surroundings. The frames and personal touches help to create a calm yet warm atmosphere.

She appreciated the fact that the floor in the kitchen due to age and wear and tear was replaced and that the materials and installation were provided by Habitat. She adds that the curtains and installation were also a donation from a company associated with the organization. Even the roof, which will soon be replaced, will be covered.

What this proud and hard-working woman appreciated most was the fact that she could choose the style and colour of the flooring and curtains herself. She felt respected and at no time did she feel uncomfortable with the various people associated with the organization. She smiles and adds that she doubts that a bank would do a follow-up from time to time after buying a house to see if everything is ok, if we need something.

Cindy’s life and that of her daughter, now 13 years old, has changed a lot since they bought their house. Her daughter notes that she feels stable, that she is happy to have a dog now, that she sleeps well and likes to bring her friends home. For her mother, it’s the reduction of stress, the feeling of being at home, of having control and the ability to make choices, of living in a neighbourhood that is quiet, where neighbours help each other and where you feel safe.


We are currently being helped by Habitat for Humanity! We are working on our 500 sweat equity hours while building our home right now! Awesome program!

Amanda R.

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful place to buy inexpensive materials for home projects. We have bought several things for our home from here. It’s perfect for folks on a budget. They have so many things from doors to canned lighting to vanities and fixtures!

Cindy M.

This organization actually helped a relative with her first home, 10+ years later she still loves her home and is there. I have also donated furniture and clothes to them and I see them all the time helping and engaging with the local community!

Maricela F.

I really respect this program and think it’s a great opportunity for people who could use a hand up. I like that they use sweet equity so the families can be vested in their own future and take pride in what they’re doing. And all the wonderful skilled people volunteering their time really deserve kudos!

Crystal M.