Getting that feeling of security, thanks to Habitat!

Due to the circumstances of her life, Sylvie found herself, in her early forties, living with her mother and stepfather. She was then separated from her husband and responsible for her 13 year old daughter who was autistic.

The housing options for her and her daughter were very limited since her daughter’s condition included behaviour that was sometimes disturbing to others; she could scream suddenly and loudly, have surges of energy that made her run and at the same time she was sensitive to noise and the presence of other people.

Another challenge for Sylvie was to find accommodation that would allow her to keep her pet bulldog, who is considered an important member of the family.

Sylvie also had a great need to stay in her community of Bouctouche since it was not only her hometown but also contained important sources of support for her and her daughter. Her daughter had a specialized program in the local school and adapted resources. Sylvie’s family was very involved in her daily life providing transportation, supervision and general help when needed.

As much as Sylvie appreciated her mother’s welcome following her separation, it was not ideal. She had no choice but to intrude with her daughter and her dog if she wanted to ensure her daughter’s safety and continue working.

It was her mother who discovered Habitat’s house not far from their home. Together they contacted the agency and Sylvie applied. She was approved and started her volunteer hours as soon as she had access to the house.

Sylvie’s family helped out for several months to make the necessary renovations so that Sylvie and her daughter could move into their new home.

Sylvie says that today she feels secure with the support of Habitat as she has been living with MS since 2007. Although she is currently working full time and managing her disease well, she says she doubts that a bank would accept the risk of financing her home purchase.

She appreciates the fact that her mortgage with Habitat allows her to breathe; to purchase other essentials for her and her daughter. The house has allowed her daughter to develop better. Her pink bedroom reflects a feminine personality and creativity. Her paintings add colour and life to her room and home. She is happy to have her space, and so is her mother.


We are currently being helped by Habitat for Humanity! We are working on our 500 sweat equity hours while building our home right now! Awesome program!

Amanda R.

Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful place to buy inexpensive materials for home projects. We have bought several things for our home from here. It’s perfect for folks on a budget. They have so many things from doors to canned lighting to vanities and fixtures!

Cindy M.

This organization actually helped a relative with her first home, 10+ years later she still loves her home and is there. I have also donated furniture and clothes to them and I see them all the time helping and engaging with the local community!

Maricela F.

I really respect this program and think it’s a great opportunity for people who could use a hand up. I like that they use sweet equity so the families can be vested in their own future and take pride in what they’re doing. And all the wonderful skilled people volunteering their time really deserve kudos!

Crystal M.